Our School Direct training programme runs from September 2017 to July 2018. During this time, you will have a minimum of 2 placements, generally an “Initial Experience Phase” from September to Christmas and a “Sustained Enactment Phase” which runs from January to July.

In addition to these placements you will have a broader experience of education through numerous enhancement opportunities.

Your daily timetable will be adjusted throughout the programme, beginning with observations of other teachers, through to the teaching or team teaching of sections of lessons, arriving at the teaching of a limited number of whole lessons by November. We will differentiate your contact with students, even in the Sustained Enactment Phase, dependent upon your progress, allowing time for high quality preparation and reflection as well as developing and honing teaching skills.  All trainees will be allocated Subject Mentors, these colleagues will be very experienced teachers who will be able to offer you help, advice and support throughout the year. Each subject area will have a Subject Lead, this colleague will be a recognised expert in his or her area and will deliver, in partnership with Mentors and host teachers, the knowledge and skills needed to become an outstanding teacher.


The programme includes 60 days of training. On these days, which are weekly, our trainees will come together as a cohort for generic sessions in professional practice such as Behaviour Management, Lesson Planning, Special Educational Needs and all aspects of Pedagogy needed to prepare  for a career in teaching. We will also tailor these sessions to support you with the completion of your university assignments. These sessions will be delivered by expert and reflective practitioners from the partner schools within the Alliances as well as drawing upon expert input from our University partner.  You will be provided with the planned programme of activities at the start of the course.

Subject Knowledge Days

Throughout the programme you will have access to Subject Leads who are outstanding practitioners in their subject areas. You spend at least one day per half term with this Lead receiving bespoke training in subject pedagogy.


You will be assessed by regular observations of your interactions with students and principally your teaching. This will be a detailed and thorough process against the Teacher Standards and will be the main means by which we decide whether or not to give Qualified Teacher Status.

The programme also consists of 60 days of training and your performance in these sessions will also be assessed along with your performance in the classroom. The different types / methods of assessment are:

  • Presentations
  • Written assignments
  • Small-scale classroom research projects
  • Assessment of in-school practice
  • Portfolio of evidence of professional practices
  • Self-assessment
  • Peer assessment
  • Formative assessment

We will be affiliated with Sheffield Hallam University. Part of the programme for the course includes written assessments towards a PGCE.

These are staggered throughout the academic year and will be marked by Sheffield Hallam University.

Subject Specialisms

For subject specific information, please view our Subject Specialisms page.